Spirit & Elementals

Spirit & Elementals - The Magical Unseen World
Anthony Kilner and Freya Savitri Sampson team up to write a concise story on the connections between humans, nature, spirit and the elementals that tie us all together on this planet!

Tree Spirit - Wisdom
ShirleySienna has an affinity with trees, offering readers insight into their wisdom through the elementals and multidimensional life within and around them. Her message is clear; go forth and hug a tree!

Mysterious Bermuda Triangle Pt II
Continuing the fascinating story of the Bermuda Triangle from the January Issue, Freya Savitri Sampson delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding this amazing place and its connection to extra-terrestrials.

Reflections – The Fairy World
Jane Offer delves into the world of fairies and elementals and highlights the Cottingley Fairies whose photographs were first published in 1917.

Gaia Consciousness – The Divine Web of Life
Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot – Co-Founder of Gaian Heart Wisdom joins the Supernal Team and explains Gaian Consciousness in detail.

News Update – Uluru Ceremony 2020
On the 21st December 2020, many ceremonies were held within the heart of Australia – Uluru, and around the globe. Mark Timothy Fish offers Supernal readers his point of view on this very personal and special event.

Supernal Magazine this month offers a plethora of great stories to read. We know you’ll enjoy it. Have a magical Supernal month!

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