Introduction to Sacred Geometry

Introduction to Sacred Geometry  Anthony Kilner takes reader’s on a journey into the basics of Sacred Geometry and how it applies to everybody and thing on the planet.
Crystal Skulls & Sacred Geometry  ShirleySienna takes a detailed look into Crystal Skulls and their knowledge and connection with Sacred Geometry.
The Phenomenon of Crop Circles  Crop circles have been found around the planet for centuries. Jane Offer looks at the amazing connection to Sacred Geometry that still baffles people today.


Michael Rice - Architecture  Freya Sampson catches up with Michael Rice, a renowned exponent of Sacred Geometry who has turned those skills into form with architecture and design, building stunning homes and buildings.
Aurelien Pumayana Floret - Mystic Artist & Traveller  Anthony Kilner interviews the amazing visionary artist Aurelien who has a beautiful story to share about his life and journey into Sacred Geometry.
Dan Winter - Life  Dan Winter has an amazing mind and works on a cutting edge conscious level that is a challenge for many to understand. His knowledge and understanding of the principles of Sacred Geometry and how they apply to life is simply mind blowing.
Suzanna Kennedy - The Graceful Transformation Expert  Freya Sampson introduces us to the world of healing and transformation through Sacred Geometry with Suzanna Kennedy.
Aaron Cheak - Hermetic and Integral Philosopher  Freya Sampson explains how Aaron Cheak’s life experience with Sacred Geometry is very different, bringing about a sublime and peaceful understanding within one’s self.

Supernal Magazine features some very thought provoking stories to read this month. We know you’ll enjoy it. Have a Sacred Supernal month!

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Supernal Magazine Australia - Vaccine / Infectious Disease Prevention Survey April 2021

Supernal Magazine is a non-judgemental, compassionate magazine that cares about people’s health and wellbeing on multiple levels. Many of us have been asked our opinions and thoughts on vaccines in general and in relation to COVID-19 and the new vaccines.
We understand this subject can be emotional, intense and is one that has impacted the global community. As a magazine we strive to provide unbiased accurate information and are prepared to ask tough questions of multiple experts to find the answers. To that end, we’d like to ask our caring readers to take some time to fill in our survey. No personal information is shared or made public and we trust all answers will be polite and respectful.
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