Bees & the Environment

Our declining bee populations have been dwindling, from a range of environmental impacts from a loss of habitat to global warming and poor businesses practices to name a few issues.

In this issue of Supernal Magazine we delve into the world of bees and their enormous role in humanity’s survival on this planet.


Wisdom of Bee Medicine - Bee Shamanism is one of the Earth’s oldest and least understood pathways of magic. Freya Savitri looks into this amazing topic dating back thousands of years.
Bees and Humanity - ShirleySienna explores the links between bees and humanity, with an in depth discussion with Kerrie Mercel, the co-creator of the Rainbow People community.
Journey into Bees - Anthony Kilner and Jane Miller dive in the deep end and create an amazing space for their new bee hive with a special mentor!


Bron Woods - Permaculture & Bees - There are 12 guiding principles to permaculture. Anthony Kilner chats with Bron Woods on how they apply to owning bees.
Simon Mulvany – Save The Bees & Our Environment - Freya Sampson caught up with an amazingly Zen man in Simon Mulvany from Save the Bees. Here’s a snippet of his life – saving and educating people about bees.
Dr Kit Prendergast - The Bee Babette - West Australian based Dr Kit Prendergast is amazing, she’s out there looking after our native bees – Dr Kit is the Native Bee Queen!
Andrew Stanish - Living with Bees - Anthony Kilner caught up with professional bee keeper, breeder and businessman Andrew Stanish to chat about living with bees.

Supernal Magazine features some excellent stories and columns to read every month. We know you’ll enjoy it. Have a Supernal month and celebration into 2022!

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