Informed Consent

'Informed Consent’ means: Permission granted in full knowledge of the possible consequences.

In this compelling issue of Supernal Magazine, we look at the understanding of informed consent and how it impacts our daily lives - have we simply relinquished our consent, allowing ourselves to be dictated too!


Informed Consent – Does it Really Exist?  Freya Savitri looks at informed consent. There are no holds barred in this confronting article.
Dr Catherine Fyans - Medical Consent  Dr Catherine Fyans takes an in-depth look at ‘Medical Consent’, how it applies to our current situation and our lives in general.
Indigenous Consent   Timothy Mark Fish explains how gaining consent to access indigenous places, is a way to respectfully re-establish open connection with our First Nations People.
Can We Play God?   ShirleySienna and Anthony Kilner team up to write a provocative story - do we have the right to think we can ‘send spirit people to the light’ with the click of the fingers! Or are there unseen ramifications of playing God?
Consent to Die   Till Death do us Part. Anthony Kilner chats with Death Doula Carmen Barnsley on the sensitive topic - ‘Consent to Die’.


Loss of Innocence   Anthony Kilner presents a personal and emotive chat with ‘George’ about his loss of innocence as a child.
Consent in Disability  Carolyn Gallagher has been working in the disability sector for 30 odd years, here she offers her personal insight into dealing with consent in this sector of the community.

Supernal Magazine features some excellent stories and columns to read this month. We know you’ll enjoy it. Have a Supernal month!

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