Our Great Awakening – 2024 = 8! 


The Great Awakening – Death of Masculinity   Anthony Kilner considers, “What is it to be a ‘Normal Male’ these days? Is there such a phrase?”
Power of 8!  ShirleySienna explains the ‘World of 8’ and how 2024 is a year that will be filled with surprises!

Self-love & Self-Care Rituals: Nourishing Mind, Body and Spirit  Sarina Coventry explains how we can change our lives immensely with some self-love.
Awakening to Enlightened Parenthood  Ilse Botha-Siligi reflects on her journey into motherhood with six very different children.
Threads of Unity: Navigating Division, Resilience, and Empathy in Modern Families Arty Indigo explores relationships and awakenings within diverse family groups.
Our Great Awakening - What does it means to me?  Eileen Curd walks us through her journey into awakening through art and meditation.
Personal Awakening’s  Our ‘Great Awakening’ can only begin within. An up-close and personal, spiritual experience. ShirleySienna asks some friends about their awakening paths.

Plus new columns

Beyond Being Human, Wellbeing through Nutrition and The Seekers Guide!

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