Complementary Modalities

Supernal Magazine’s Freya Sampson and Anthony Kilner take an in-depth look at the responsibilities and ethics of the healing practitioner and provide plenty of insight for people seeking healing and energy workers.

Complementary Modalities Directory

Freya Sampson and Anthony Kilner team up to create a directory that gives a detailed overview of more than 40 modalities. It explores where they came to be, who developed or channelled them and in many case where to find out more information from and about those creators.

Film Review – Time is Art

ShirleySienna offers a beautiful overview of this amazing documentary following one person’s journey into understanding the spiritual side of life. This doco is shot magnificently and includes some amazing interviews with Graham Hancock, Rupert Sheldrake and Daniel Pinchbeck and more. It’s simply stunning!

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Regular Columns  

In this month’s issue, Jane Offer reflects on her experiences with healing and finding peace of mind.

ShirleySienna explains the Galactic New Year and how it will impact everyone on the planet.

In Part II of Heaven Calls Out, Samantha Duly explores signs and time frames leading up to a person’s passing.

Jason D Varga talks about ‘Man’s Best Friend’ and how the loss of that friend can impact the mental health of the parents of that pet.

This issue of Supernal Magazine offers plenty of other great reading as well. We know you you’ll enjoy it and have a Supernal Month!

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