Law of Time
The Dreamspell 2022


Stephanie South – Origins of Dreamspell ShirleySienna and Stephanie South team up to write an informative article on the Dreamspell and the origins of the Law of Time, with some fundamentals of the many discoveries made by Dr José Argüelles/Valum Votan.


Deborah & Brian Haight – Into the Law of Time Brian and Deborah Haight are both past Board members of the Foundation for the Law of Time and are passionate about José’s work. ‘Into The Law of Time’ is their story of life with José Argüelles.
Eden Sky – Being Galactivated “The Law of Time is a profound, life-changing key that can transform our reality from the inside out. Most people are completely oblivious to the fact that our sense of time directly affects our minds, and therefore our entire experience of reality.” Eden chats openly with Anthony Kilner about living and breathing Natural Time.


AFL Solicitors – Update 
NSW Flood Recovery - Woodburn Community 
AFIPN – Page 11 News

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