A Resolution Revolution: Origins of New Year's Eve Resolutions

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Origins of New Year's Eve Resolutions: Anthony Kilner investigates the humble beginnings of New Year’s Resolutions, from Babylonian days to modern day psychology behind resolutions, both positive and negative.
Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique – A Personal Story! Freya Savitri Sampson explores the origins of the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique started by Gary Young of Young Living Oils and taken to an all-new level with Artemis. It includes a great video interview between Freya and Artemis.
Looking Ahead: 2024? The Supernal team of regular writers, headed by our newest team member Arty Indigo, offer a reflective and predictive view on where 2024 will take them personally. They also offer insights into the future, both here in Australia and globally.


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