Nuance of Sound
Life is sound and sound creates life!

In this issue of Supernal we delve into the world of sound and how we as humans react to it. We look at healing with sound from multiple angles including animals, plants and humans.

Perfect Circle of Sound  - Ancient Traditions across the world have creation stories rooted in the origins of Sound. Freya Savitri takes us on an amazing journey through sound and frequency.
Animal Sound HealingTherese Lowton and Natasha Lazdins create some mystery and magic with sound, a baby and some beautiful animals.
Plant ConsciousnessAlison Jarred, the current co-ordinator of Damanhur Australia, explains the consciousness of plants, and how they react to everything on the planet.
How Sound is Your LifeShirleySienna and Anthony Kilner team up to write about living in a world of sound with their own experience and different perspective!
Being in the ZoneOur very own graphic artist, Lia Estate writes about finding her voice and healing her soul!



Julian Silburn - In the world of sound healing there are many amazing practitioners who are simply awe-inspiring, and Julian Silburn is one such maestro. Here is his story.
Riccardo EstateBachelor of Music graduate, singer, vocal coach, composer, music producer and musician- Riccardo explains ‘Why Music Counts’.

Supernal Magazine features some excellent stories and columns to read this month. We know you’ll enjoy it. Have a Supernal month!

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