The Secret Life of Crystals

The Rise and Fall of Atlantis & Lemuria
Freya Sampson takes us on a journey back through time to when Gods walked the Earth, delving into the stories of Atlantis and Lemuria, explaining the existence and the demise of these continents on our planet.

Mystery and History of the Crystal Skulls
ShirleySienna’s journey into crystals began some 40 odd years ago however her personal journey with the Crystal Skull Collective and ultimately becoming a Crystal Skull Wisdom Keeper, began around 2007 when she purchased her first small carved rose quartz skull, ‘Edward’.

Crystals - Metaphysical Properties and Working with Them
Freya Sampson explores the world of crystals including Record Keepers, Atlantian Record Keepers and more. Freya also explains how crystals can be programmed and more importantly how we can work with them in our everyday lives.

Special Feature

Water is Life!
Water is with us every moment of our lives. Our bodies are just like the surface of the Earth, roughly 70 percent water, which plays a key role in the exchanging of information. Louise Clarke explains how.


Rockin’ Rock Boffin
Anthony Kilner interviews Bianca McGuirk who has been a rock and crystal fan from a very young age. Her connection and knowledge of crystals as a Gemmologist and crystal dealer is simply outstanding.

Regular Columns
In this month’s issue we have covered an amazing array of fascinating yarns from exploring Sacred Sites to crystal scepticism to Divine Time. It’s created a very different issue of Supernal and one that we are very proud of!

This issue of Supernal Magazine offers plenty of other great reading as well. We know you you’ll enjoy it and have a Supernal Month!

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