Money and Spirituality

Turning Lead into Gold - The Alchemy of Money Freya Savitri Sampson explains the vibration behind money and how our personal energy can impact our awareness of money, whilst also creating an understanding around the spiritual laws that impact us and our lives – past and present!

The Fuss about MONEY?
ShirleySienna looks at the money as a tangible form of exchange and how mindset can alter people’s perceptions of money and how to align with it.

Earning Money from Home
Anthony Kilner shares his experiences of setting up and running a spiritual business from home. Including ideas on accounting, business registration, council bylaws and more!

Jenny Bracelin
Jenny Bracelin is a UK based Money Coach and Business Mentor who advises across a broad range of businesses with a non-judgemental and all-inclusive understanding of money. Anthony Kilner caught up with Jenny for this candid interview.

Gaia’s Garden
In his NEW bi-monthly column, Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot talks about ‘Sacred Partnerships: Birth the Seasons of Australia’ and how gardening by the seasons can produce a successful harvest.

Ask any group of people what would make a difference in their life and several will reply “Money.” Probe deeper and they reveal that it is not just money but what the money will achieve for them. Jane Offer explains how.

Gaia Consciousness – The Mother World of Gaia
Indigenous people around our planet, see the Earth as mother and nature as family. Australia’s First Nations Peoples’ have a very intimate relationship with country, the land. Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot explains how.

News Update – Western Australian Fires
During the recent devastating fires in Western Australia, John Whife has penned a beautiful piece on Gratitude.

Supernal Magazine this month offers a plethora of great stories to read. We know you’ll enjoy it. Have a rich and spiritually Supernal month!

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