Changing Face of Homelessness

The changing face of homelessness exposed. This month Supernal Magazine delves into the world of homelessness during Homelessness Week. There are some amazing stories and information to help readers understand that the current system is broken and needs some serious change and that there is a pathway through to a new, better life.
The homeless World Peace Clown - Susan Carew, explains her story of being homeless not once but twice and how finding her calling in life as a World Peace Clown means more to her than material goods! Read More


Major Brendan Nottle - The Salvation Army
Brendan Nottle is a stalwart of the Salvos and not only gave us a great interview to read, there are 2 videos available to watch to have a lot more information about the Melbourne and Australian homeless scene.

Teriana - a story of hopes and dreams
Teriana’s story of love, betrayal, living through gender dysphoria, gender reassignment surgery culminated in her living out of her car. This is heart breaking story however the light at the end of the tunnel is about pure love and finding true happiness.

Walking with Melbourne's Street Crew
Celeste de Vis and Parents and children from Rainbow Connections Youth and Family group head into Melbourne’s CBD to join Street Crew handing out food parcels, love and support. This is just one charity group that is helping out our homeless people.

AIS - A Panel on homelessness - There's no place like home!
We delve deeper into understanding of the drivers behind homelessness and what is being done by some phenomenal people with some awesome financial backing to help deal with this growing issue. The panel held by the Australian Intercultural Society really offered attendees an amazing insight into this crisis.

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