An Epiphany of Birth

From Obstetric Abuse to Empowerment
Lissette Quiroz takes us on her emotional and empowering journey through obstetric abuse whilst living with anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Post Natal Depression. Her story is common amongst women and a powerful one to share.

Birth - Body, Mind and Spirit
ShirleySienna looks at birth and how it has always fascinated and perplexed the human psyche; the way we enter this world to experience incarnation as a spiritual being in human form.

Umbilical Cord Cutting - A Black Magic Ritual
Have we lost the ability to understand the history of child birth and the sacredness of respecting that birth? Freya Sampson delves into the world of Umbilical cord cutting and how modern medicine doesn’t respect birth the same way as our ancestors.

Special Feature

Freedom Rally WA – The Path to Unity!
Deputy Editor, Freya Sampson attended the recent Freedom Rally in WA with our film crew, to record the events and interview everyday Australians on their views on attending.


Autumn Woman – Harvest Queen
Anthony Kilner interviews an amazing teacher, author, mum and grandmother about her life in nursing, midwifery and now, teaching and sharing as a Modern Day Women’s Mystery Teacher.

This issue of Supernal Magazine offers plenty of other great reading as well. We know you you’ll enjoy it and have a Supernal Month!

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