Modern Shamanism

This month Supernal Magazine delves into the world of shamans from various angles. We interview modern-day shamans Kristy Allen and Raym Richards looking at how they both have connected into shamanism with insight from the spirit world, past life connections and without physical teachers.
We interview Respected Elder – Nanna Violet who has been inducted into shamanism via traditional indigenous methods and columnist Joti Gore explains Native American shamanism through his cultural heritage.  Read More

Feature Story

Walk for Life
Blaise van Hecke explores healing through walking on one of the most famous pilgrims walks on the planet - the Camino de Santiago.  Read More

Feature Interviews

Kristy Allan
Kristy Allan shares her journey into modern-day shamanism and offers an understanding of a soul's journey. Read More


Respected Elder Nana Violet
Respected Elder, Nana Violet Newman, offers a beautiful insight into our indigenous healers and shamans.  
Raym Richards
Freya Sampson talks to Raym Richards, creator of the Crystal Dreaming™ modality and how crystals in modern-day shamanism are just perfect for the soul.
Joti Gore
Regular columnist Joti Gore offers his thoughts about Shamanism which includes his blood link with the Cherokee people.

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