Unzipped: Hear Our Voice

Supernal Magazine interviews 9 young people with a voice about what matters to them! Their stories are told through our young intern and with their view. They cover everything from social media to mental health and achieving your dreams and goals!

Film Review – A Street Cat named Bob

ShirleySienna introduces us to the true story of James Bowen and a street cat, who found each other whilst James battled with addiction and homelessness. It’s an older story however the message rings true today.

Vale Nana Violet Newman

A Tribute to High-Lore Elder, Nana Violet who was and still is an inspiration to many souls who walked this Earth.

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Regular Columns  

In this month’s issue, Derran Heney offers insights into surviving Covid-19 isolation at home with a range of tips and ideas to help the family stay together.
Jane Offer follows along with the Illusion theme and has written a thought provoking piece of understanding that Time is an Illusion!

Film Review – Why Not Now

ShirleySienna looks at the man Alan Watts in his journey of life, his teachings and how now, after 50 years from his passing at just 57yo, the meaning behind his life is still as valid today about as it ever has been. This self-aware man had no agenda other than to encourage people to pursue integrity and awareness.
This issue of Supernal Magazine offers plenty of other great reading as well. We hope you enjoy it!

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