Being Present to Death

Supernal Magazine takes readers on a journey into death and dying. We look at Dying with Dignity, a Spiritual aspect into death and overcoming grief and more when it comes to the passing of a loved.


Death Doula, Carmen Barnsley shares her personal journey into becoming a Death Doula. It’s her caring story of how beautiful it is to assist people who are dying and their families..

Freya Sampson walks us through her journey of connection to Archangel Azrael and how it changed her life - helping people cross over spiritually.


Dying with Dignity with Dr Rodney Syme.

An open letter from Mandi about making peace with death.

Film Review – Life

ShirleySienna reports on one of the biggest movies being shot as we speak – Life. This amazing movie has humble beginnings, reaches a tumultuous middle section and the end is still being written – it’s an enlightening story indeed!

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Regular Columns  

In this month’s issue, Samantha Duly takes us through the roles of a medium and understanding death from beyond the veil.

What happens when a business partner or colleague in business dies? Brooklyn Storme explores ways to deal with this type of scenario in a positive way.

Derran Heney delves into dealing with the grief and loss of a loved one and signs to look for in people not dealing well with their grief.

In her last column for Supernal, Liesel Horne looks at how we can grow through Ayurvedic practices much like how we grow a garden!

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