Angels & Demons – the Duality of Life

The Origins of Angels & DemonsFreya Savitri Sampson disappears down the rabbit hole to understand where Angels and Demons really came from. According to Freya it was a deep hole and she has written a journey that captures the imagination and leaves the reader wanting to know more.

Angelical Consciousness

ShirleySienna explores her experiences and understandings of the angelic realm and how we work with them and can be influenced by them.


Fehr-Raew – Wizard at LargeJason D Varga captured an amazing insight into the world of Fehr-Raew, Wizard at large, practitioner of ceremonial magick, and a member of the Hermetic order of the Red Dragon, which is based in the Golden Dawn.

Jereme Leonard – The Cajun Demonologist
Anthony Kilner interviews the captivating and very knowledgeable Jereme Leonard about his life working with paranormal investigations to learning about Demons and exorcisms. It’s a fascinating story that is ongoing!

Supernal Magazine features some rollicking great stories to read. We know you’ll enjoy it. Have an angelic Supernal month!

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Supernal Magazine Australia - Vaccine / Infectious Disease Prevention Survey April 2021

Supernal Magazine is a non-judgemental, compassionate magazine that cares about people’s health and wellbeing on multiple levels. Many of us have been asked our opinions and thoughts on vaccines in general and in relation to COVID-19 and the new vaccines.

We understand this subject can be emotional, intense and is one that has impacted the global community. As a magazine we strive to provide unbiased accurate information and are prepared to ask tough questions of multiple experts to find the answers. To that end, we’d like to ask our caring readers to take some time to fill in our survey. No personal information is shared or made public and we trust all answers will be polite and respectful.

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