Animal Speak

Jet's Journey
Anthony Kilner and Jane Miller take readers on an emotional roller coaster ride of how after discovering a cruciate ligament issue with their fur-baby Jet, they then had to deal with her diagnosis of cancer, and ensuing leg amputation. This is their journey with Jet and how life has changed with a tri-paw in the family and most importantly, in taking a holistic approach, seeing how amazing her healing has proven to be- so far!

Familiars - Magical Animals
Deputy Editor Freya Savitri Sampson delves deeply into the world of Animal Familiars. These magical creatures having been working with humans since the time people and animals first came to rely on each other. They can be with us in the physical or connect with us from the spiritual realms.

The Before and After-Life of Greyhounds
Two years ago ShirleySienna adopted Keanu; a retired racing greyhound. ShirleySienna also shares the journey and experience of a greyhound trainer, a foster carer, a new adopter, and their beloved grey’s.

The Power of Love
When a dog chooses its parents it’s all about love and devotion. When our fur-baby gets sick it’s all we can do to help them. Lia Estate, Supernal’s Assistant Artist, weaves a beautiful story of their adorable Gidget and how they beat cancer!


Dr Malcolm Were – Animal welfare
Dr Were has had a passion for animal welfare since he was a child. In his world there was no other choice. In this candid interview Dr Malcolm explains why he is passionate about looking inside and outside of the box for the best possible veterinary solutions to looking after our furry friends.

Regular Columns

In this month’s issue we have covered an amazing array of fascinating yarns about dealing with animals on multiple levels from Celeste de Vis and the LGBTQI+ community to Samantha Duly talking pets in heaven. Add to that -information on building your immune system, Uluru-Kata Tjuta in Sacred Site and meditation techniques!

This issue of Supernal Magazine offers plenty of great reading and we know you’ll enjoy it. Have a Supernal Christmas and New Year!

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