Salivation to Salvation: Food Choices for LIFE!


Origins of: The Food Pyramid Anthony Kilner dives into the absolute mine field of degustation delights, finding it’s cheaper to buy a processed meal than create one from scratch with home grown goodies!
Salivating Salvation: Shadows of the Feast an enlightening journey into the abyss of culinary truths by Arty Indigo.
Buy Local – Save the Planet – The Definitive Checklist  There’s a lot to think about when buying from your local specialty stores, aside from supporting local small businesses.
Food Preservation at What Cost? Jane Offer explores the world of additives used by the food industry in the processing of our food to enhance flavour, colour and to extend the shelf life of food products.
Food for Thought! Arty Indigo has delved into the world of Banned Foods, Pesticides, Oils and beyond! This story will leave the reader speechless, and poses more questions than answers!

There’s a LOT more!

A Guide to Supporting a Healthy Menstrual Cycle with Food
Energy Foods for Chakras
Feeding Time – Kids and Foods
Food Labelling Apps

Plus new columns:

Beyond Being Human, Wellbeing through Nutrition and The Seekers Guide!

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