Buddha's Birthday, Ascended Masters & Reincarnation

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Ascended Masters In-Deed The Ascended Masters, Lords and Lady’s play an integral part in our spiritual journey however many of us don’t even realise it. ShirleySienna takes us into their world.
Wesak - Buddha's Birthday The full moon in May marks perhaps the most significant celebration in the Buddhist calendar - the birthday of Buddha. Wesak or Vesak is the celebration of Buddha's birth, passing, and enlightenment. Freya Savitri Sampson takes us into the celebration of Buddha


Dr Nick Ribush In this fascinating interview, Dr Nick Ribush shares the amazing twist and turns of his life that has taken him from a doctor to a Jazz musician, from Buddhist Monk to publisher. It’s a heartfelt journey.
Reincarnation Pt 1  Take a spiritual ride with Jane Offer as she captivates us with her experiences and vivid memories of her Past Lives and how Reincarnation has been documented by many Doctor’s around the world through the use of Past Life Regression, and how it can help people in their everyday lives.

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