Supernal Magazine is blessed to have some amazing writers and columnists

contributing to the magazine each month.   

Their profiles below will help you to get to know them all a little better.

Anthony Kilner -  Editor

Anthony has worked in magazines and publishing for 25 years as a photo journalist, travelling Australia and the globe, with a bent towards lifestyle and spirituality.
Anthony is a psychic medium, published author with 2 full books (Secret Spiritual Business & Practical Mediumship) and 3 co-authored books (Healthy Mind, Healthy Body & Healthy Spirit).
Qualified in trance healing, massage, Reiki and Seichim, he also works as an educational facilitator, mentor, energy worker, speaker and musician. Having studied Vibrational Healing and meditation techniques in India and Australia, Anthony understands these to be powerful tools to promote ongoing wellbeing that work physical body to encourage self-healing. In 2018, Anthony launched Bridging Realms — Core Issue Vibrational Healing TM. This system of energy work combines Anthony's knowledge into a single package, offering a unique holistic service for his clients.
Anthony has also created a beautiful working and teaching environment in Research Victoria where he operates his businesses — Bridging Realms.

Celeste de Vis - Founder of Rainbow Connections Youth and Family group

Celeste de Vis is the founder of Rainbow Connections Youth and Family group: a grass roots direct social support for families raising transgender and gender creative children. Rainbow Connections has been in operation for five years. This valuable service is supported by the Mornington Peninsula Shire, who has provided the group a venue, Shed 11 in Hastings.
Celeste is a graduate of Institute of Counselling & Community Studies where she received a Diploma of Counselling and a Diploma of Family Support Work. She loves children and has a passion to see each and every child shine! She is the mother and carer of two girls and two fur babies. Celeste has extensive experience working in the community services sector, including the RSPCA, a community Needle and Syringe Program and a local Community Support and Information service.
She currently volunteers at her church, undertaking Emergency Relief, which provides counselling, support and Material Aid to families living on Western Port Bay.

Rainbow Connection Mornington Peninsula

Freya Sampson - Custodian Eartheart

Freya Sampson is the Founder and Custodian of, ‘A New Eartheart Foundation Ltd’ in Fremantle, WA. Her transformational awakening in 1999 catapulted her, into a life in service to humanity, the Earth and all sentient life upon it.
Freya has worked extensively with the Australian Aboriginal culture and with world leaders in the movement of Consciousness-Change. She is an internationally renowned shaman, healer and teacher.
Her huge heart overflowing with compassion and ability to get to the core of the issue has allowed countless peoples dis-ease to be transformed into ease and grace. Freya shares her wisdom in her body of work, ‘Tree of Life, Pathway to Empowerment’. Her passion is awakening hearts, to together, transform life on Earth.

Jane Offer - Soul Mastery, Natural Health Practitioner and Trainer

UK born Jane was trained in the 1960’s as a teacher and counsellor, teaching Preparatory for 14 years, breaking only to have her own children. When two family members became ill, she left teaching and discovered the natural health path.
Always interested in philosophy and spirituality, she created a Natural Health Centre which was also registered as an independent training college. Various projects received Government funding, enabling the development of programs encouraging young people back into mainstream education and working in prisons. Two programs that Jane’s wishes to see adopted within Australia.
As well as groups, individuals benefited from the healing modalities, counselling and teaching that was offered.
Jane immigrated with her husband to Australia in 2007, opened The Purple Dragonfly in Warrandyte in 2014 and also launched The Oak Tree Organisation Australia, a not-for-profit dedicated to training and holistic programs for groups and individuals in both the corporate and non-corporate world.

Lia Estate` - ARMIT MDIA QMi

Lia is a qualified and registered award winning Interior Architect/Designer, Furniture and Product Designer with over 30 years’ experience, and uses intuitive skills to create environments and spaces that are nurturing, aesthetically pleasing, functional and supportive to clients.
As an Artist, Lia adds to her creative skills, to explore drawing, painting, photography and printmaking. A qualified senior educator, Lia tutors in all her accumulated skills to assist clients to investigate and go deep into the psyche to relieve insights, viewpoints and a creative perspective in real world realms.
Lia practices and is qualified as a Quantum Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer, Newlife Reiki Seichim practitioner, Matrix Energetics and is Clairvoyant. As a lead singer/vocalist and musician, Lia explores vibrational healing work through voice, tone and sound.
With over 12 years in practice and a life time of intuitive experiences, Lia is in a sympathetic position and assists clients to understand their own dis-ease and issues that lie beneath the surface of dysfunction for ongoing wellbeing and happiness.

Samantha Duly - Spiritual Medium, Tutor

Perth based Samantha is a Spiritual Medium, Teacher and Tutor originating from the UK and who travels regionally, nationally and internationally with her work.
As a full-time medium and member of the UK Spiritualists National Union, (SNU). Samantha has studied for the last 7 years and has been accredited and certified as an evidential Medium, a teacher and public speaker. Her qualifications so far are: CSNU d,t,s.
She has written 120 essays for the SNU to date and is committed to life-long learning and believes this demonstrates to her students her dedication and commitment.
Samantha loves and is humbled by her work for both the physical and spiritual world and for the healing that takes place through all her readings.

Dr Brooklyn Storme - PhD

With a strong scientific background in Psychological Science and a passion for Law of Attraction (LOA), Brooklyn embarked on a mission to test LOA to see if it ‘really worked’. No one was more surprised than she, when it did and thus a passion was ignited. Brooklyn is not just passionate; she is a total believer in LOA.
Brooklyn is highly sought after for her coaching services. She has helped doctors, psychologists, lawyers, entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world, to understand the challenges they experience in business. Her guidance helps them to break through the internal glass ceiling and enable the m to have the life that they always dreamed of attaining.
When she’s not busy helping clients create their ultimate life, she can be found walking her dog, Gabe, down by the water in her hometown of Hastings in Melbourne, Australia.

Derran Heney - Registered Nurse, Mental Health  Practitioner, Workplace Trainer and Assessor

Born and raised in New Zealand, from the age of three, Derran knew that she wanted to be a nurse. With her early experiences of nursing inspiring her pathway, she passionately pursued a career in mental health. 
Derran began working in acute psychiatric inpatient settings, before venturing into community areas and crisis teams, working to support adults with a range of mental health conditions. 
Derran’s passion for education has led her into her current role as a Clinical Nurse Educator and running her own business, facilitating community mental health education. 
Derran has over 25 years of clinical experience. Mental health nursing is a very unique and rewarding career and she has learned much about herself while also feeling satisfied helping others to make sense of and heal from their experiences. 
Derran is also a qualified massage therapist, Reiki practitioner and is studying Core Issue Vibrational Healing.

Jason D Varga - Mentalist, Hypnotist, Psychic

Jason began his working career as an industrial engraver, although he has now retired from that industry as one of only a handful of Master Engravers in Australia, he is still contracted by the AFL to engrave each year’s premiership cups.
He also still engraves the occasional prop for the film and television industry. In his late teens Jason became heavily involved in the rockabilly scene and still teaches swing and rock'n'roll dancing. 
Jason began his journey performing hypnosis and mentalism shows and is the only Australian mentalist endorsed by Uri Geller. As Australia's top psychic entertainer, Jason draws on his experience as a stage hypnotist to give entertaining demonstrations of various psychic modalities all over the country. 
His passion for helping others shines through in his private practice where he offers hypnotherapy, psychic counselling and psychotherapy, he also teaches thaumaturgy, contact telepathy, psychometry and many other psychic modalities.

Karina Jacobsen – Graphic Designy - Founder and owner of Karina Creative

Born and raised in South Africa, Karina studied Graphic Design and Photography before moving to Perth in 2018 and continuing her studies in Photography.
With experience in business branding, editorial design, product design and product photography, at the end of 2018 she launched Karina Creative, designing business logos, prints and wedding stationary. She aims to bring a memorable experience to all she does and build relationships and connections with all her clients.
This is only the beginning of her journey to building her personal portfolio and is always thriving for the next great idea to come around.

ShirleySienna Coventry - Medium. Numerologist, DreamSpell and Divine Symmetry

ShirleySienna is a highly developed Psychic Intuitive and Spiritual Medium. She is recognised in Australia and internationally by her peers and clients as a professional and accurate communicator, teacher and consultant able to access the spirit worlds, (eg: spirit guides and those passed from this Earth to the Astral and higher planes) as a galactic/interdimensional channel, bringing forth information, insight and healing to many.
ShirleySienna has worked with her mentors in the invisible and spiritual realms to finely tune a series of modalities including Numerology, Dreamspell, Human Design, cartomancy and more, and Divine Symmetry and the EarthSpirit Wisdom Teachings are the result.
Travelling across the world and sharing space via the crystal skull collective has given her insight and access to the work of shamans, healers and well-known teachers. She herself has been invited to present at such conferences and retreats.
ShirleySienna facilitates public and private events, workshops, classes and lectures in many areas of spiritual and psychic development as well as private consultations.

Varij Varidium - Philosophy, Astrologer, Tarot, Teacher

Varij is a former tutor in philosophy at Melbourne University who has been reading and teaching Astrology professionally for over 30 years. 
His readings blend intelligence, compassion and wisdom with a gifted intuition to provide clear, positive and accurate guidance.
Astrology provides the big picture of your life, and the use of Tarot enables Varij to zero in on the specifics of any situation or concern. 
Varij is clairvoyant in the sense that he is a clear seer. Fundamentally, he functions like a mirror to reflect you back to yourself.
He provides insight into your karmic past present concerns and future direction with soul, depth, wit and wisdom.

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