Supernal Magazine Australia came about for several reasons. Firstly, Anthony Kilner has wanted to start his own spiritual based magazine for quite some time. Secondly, it wasn't until he avoided a very nasty single vehicle accident involving a caravan and a new vehicle, that Spirit gave a big shove - it was time to start a new life now!

Anthony was discussing the near fatal accident with Jane Offer from The Purple Dragonfly, when she added her two cents worth, and suddenly a meeting was organised about how we'd could put a magazine together, develop a crew to make it happen and engage with people who wanted to write about their passion in life.

Within a couple of weeks, the ball started rolling, gathering some very talented people in its wake. In December 2018, Supernal Magazine Australia was born!  Check out some of the BIOs for the team and columnists to see just how deep the passion and knowledge base runs.

Feeling very humbled by the response and offers of help, Anthony was blown away by the responses of so many people, all stating that Supernal Magazine could be amazing and that something very special was about to be launched into the world. With that level of love and support, the first edition will be available on March 20th - just four months from a dream to a reality!

The dream of giving back to people, as this is the year for that, Anthony and co-founder Jane wanted to make the magazine free to all people. The main aim is helping people find themselves and to share their stories.

The magazine is about dreams, sharing, caring and offering a medium for people to have a voice. It's about ethics, education, love of life, a way forward and some quirky writing to boot.

We hope you enjoy being a part of the journey with us!