The inception of Supernal Magazine Australia stems from multiple factors. Firstly, Anthony Kilner harboured a long-standing desire to create his own spiritually focused magazine. Secondly, the impetus to take action only crystallised when he narrowly avoided a potentially disastrous single-vehicle accident, involving a caravan and a new vehicle. This providential escape served as a clear sign from the spiritual realm, propelling him to embark on a new life journey and bring the magazine into existence.

Anthony and Jane Offer from The Purple Dragonfly were talking about the almost fatal accident when she gave her perspective. Subsequently, a meeting was arranged to plan the creation of a magazine, assembling a team to execute the project and connect with individuals eager to share their life passions through writing.

In just a few weeks, momentum began to build, drawing in a cadre of highly skilled individuals. By December 2018, the inception of Supernal Magazine Australia took place! Explore the team and columnists' biographies to discover the profound depth of their passion and expertise.

Overwhelmed by the response and generous offers of assistance, Anthony felt a deep sense of humility as numerous people expressed their belief in the potential greatness of Supernal Magazine. Many affirmed that something truly extraordinary was on the verge of being introduced to the world. Fuelled by this outpouring of love and support, the inaugural issue was released on 20th March 2018 — transforming a dream into reality in just four months!

With a commitment to giving back to the community, Anthony and co-founder Jane envision the magazine as a free resource for all. Their primary goal is to assist individuals in discovering themselves and sharing their unique stories. The magazine encapsulates themes of dreams, sharing, caring and provides a platform for people to express their voices. It encompasses values such as ethics, education, love of life, guidance for the future and a touch of whimsical writing.

Join us on this journey and we hope you find joy in being a part of it with us!!