Pagan by Nature

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The Wheel of the Year Take a step into the origins of what we now call Paganism and its rich history of how they celebrate the cycles of nature through traditions, rituals and beliefs that pre date our modern religions.
Reincarnation Pt II – Ranjit Appears Jane Offer returns with Reincarnation Part II where we meet Ranjit and discover how life and spirit often has other plans than the ones we create ourselves.


Tamara Lampard Join us in learning about DruidCraft a blend of Druidry and Witchcraft, from Tamara Lampard, a High Priestess, as she enriches us with her knowledge of her craft and how she has blended it to suit her Australian home.
Pete Blake Pete Blake’s journey into understanding Druidry has become an intrinsic part of his life. Pete explains how his life has evolved. “My spiritual path is largely my own. I draw from various threads, inspired by many wisdom teachings woven together into an expression that reflects my Self.”

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